Quotes from KGMB 9 TV documentary Eddie Aikau Hawaiian Hero:

BARRY KANAIAUPUNI – friend of Eddie and legendary Hawaiian surfer and shaper:

 "Eddie was a really really warm hearted person. Really big heart. He'd do anything for you. You know he saved so many people. I mean he didn't have to. Shoulders and arms.  That guy was like a tugboat.  Like you can tie four people to him and he'd swim them in.  That's the kind of strength he had in swimming.  Real strong."

BUFFALO KEAULANAfriend of Eddie and Aikau Family, lifeguard, legendary surfer, crew member of first Hokulea:

"He liked to save lives. When you save a life, it makes you feel so good inside that once I saved a baby's life out here and I felt so good, I had to call the office and I told my captain, "captain I can't believe it man, I just saved one baby. The thing was all blue and I blow in the mouth and tap the heart and the back and went for about five blows and then went whaa, when the baby cried it made me cry. "But that's what life saving is and Eddie is a life saver all the way."

PETER TROMBLYfriend of Eddie and long time North Shore surfer and shaper:

"But I think he was color blind. I feel like Eddie was more open and more loving to all races than many people at the time. It just felt like he just, if you had an open heart, he could see that immediately."

FRED VAN DYKEfriend of Eddie, pioneer North Shore surfer, teacher:

"Yeah, I used to tell Eddie that I thought he was the second coming of Duke, that he was a reincarnation of Duke. And he'd go 'ah shucks not me'. He was. He was the same kind of person."

MYRA AIKAUEddie's sister and Foundation President of the Board:

 "...my dad was always 'yard first, chores first, no beach.'  You know, he used to tell us, 'I don't care if it's twenty, twenty-five, thirty feet.  You're not going anywhere unless the chores are done.  So my brother, Eddie, would get up like 1-2 a.m. in the morning, grab his red van, shine the light, grab another car, shine the light, and start lawn mowing the place, lawn mowing this yard." 

PETER COLEfriend of Eddie, big-wave pioneer, world class swimmer at Stanford, long time North Shore resident, and teacher:

 "...he was the best at  Waimea.  All of us will agree on that. . .He was taking the biggest waves.  He was making them, he was trimming and he was riding it better than anyone."

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